Sibiu, on UNESCO list

The town of Sibiu is to apply for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list, according to Sergiu Nistor, the commissioner of the “Sibiu-European Cultural Capital in 2007” project.

Nistor said that in order to be included on the UNESCO list, the town will not only have to prepare to become the European cultural capital in 2007 but will also have to prove that it can be considered an ensemble of monuments of international interest. He said that the file and the entire documentation had already been submitted to UNESCO, and the assessment will be effectuated within two years. Seven Romanian sites are already on the UNESCO World Heritage list including the Danube Delta, the fortified churches in Transylvania, Horezu Monastery, the churches in Northern Moldavia, the Dacian Fortresses in Orastie, the wooden churches in Maramures and the historic center of the town of Sighisoara. The UNESCO list also includes the saxon village of Biertan, situated in Sibiu county.

Advertising for Sibiu – 2007

The Ministry of Culture is to find a company to deal with international advertising for the “Sibiu Cultural Capital in 2007” event and the actual campaign will probably start in April next year.

The money for this campaign will come from a supplementary fund for the program which will be granted by the Ministry of Finance from next year’s budget.

The Ministry of Finance announced on Monday that it will grant more money to the program “Sibiu European Cultural Capital in 2007” following a meeting of the Minister of Finance Sebastian Vladescu, the Minister of Culture Adrian Iorgulescu, the head of the EC Delegation in Romania Jonathan Scheele, the commissioner of the program, Sergiu Nistor and the mayor of Sibiu Klaus Johannis.

The meeting resulted in a decision with regard to granting additional funds to the program as the money already allocated has been spent. Thus, the 2006 budget will include a reserve of 12 million lei (3.4 million Euros) which will be dedicated to the program.

The city of Sibiu will also receive an amount between 20 and 30 million lei (6-8 million Euros) from the Ministry of Finance for the rehabilitation of its infrastructure including the airport. The organizers of the program hope to increase the traffic at the Sibiu airport by 400%. Vladescu explained that the ministry had decided that the “Sibiu European Cultural Capital in 2007” project is a priority for the Romanian government.

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