Starting 2006, bank cards will have a new look

The transfiguration of plastic money

Starting the next year, the MasterCard and Visa cards will have a new design. Most changes will be made on the back side. The new look targets the improvement of security level, but also the attraction of new customers.

The black stripe on the Visa card will be replaced with a colored one and will contain holograms. The silver eagle will be removed from the card, and will be replaced with the customized design of each bank. Likewise, the letters will be smaller and less italic, for a higher dynamism of the brand. MasterCard also opted for a change, but only at the level of the graphics, thus the hologram will show on the back side, for an increased security. BRD, which has such cards, expects a change. “Probably the design of the two cards will be modified, but these will be made by the parent company which manages the brand. Anyhow, all modifications target the increase of the number of users of such cards, this is a rule”, Corneliu Grosu, the director of the BRD Targu Mures bank declared. Piraeus Bank will operate similar modifications as well. “Our bank has Visa cards only, whose design will be modified, meaning that they will be customized. This measure will diminish the risk of fraud and will increase the level of security. Additionally, it is a more elegant presentation form, which reaches the level of European standards”, Jozsef Szalkay, the director of the Piraeus Bank Targu Mures declared. (B.D.)

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